About CRT01

2013 saw Cardiff Racing has taken their first steps in creating its first alternative fuel Formula Student car, with the production of CRT01. The car is a research project, with the aim to enter a competitive alternative fuel at some stage in the future.

Cardiff Racing's budget and effort has been split between the combustion and the alternative fuel team. The initial budget is reduced and as such retrofitting the CR07 chassis has taken place in order to determine packaging and thus the requirements for future chassis design. The project has been launched with the help of RS components and Lees motor company. Lees motor company ltd, has supplied two permanent magnet brushed DC motors that can each produce a maximum power of 28.5kW with 92% peak efficiency. The decision has also been made to use two PG drives 835M sigma controllers supplying each motor separately with a CAN bus link to produce a differential effect. Both controllers are 4 quadrant controllers and hence have the potential for regenerative braking.

Much research has been made to prepare the team for the conversion from combustion to alternative fuel, one of the greatest changes is meeting the rules and regulations required to compete. As such a loom will be completed and tested, with the attempt to meet many of the competition standards. Power source team have researched both high voltage and low voltage supply. Through the research process it was determined that due to budget constraints a fully competitive battery pack could not be purchased this year but a cheaper pack was ordered to enable testing.

Sadly due to a lack of funding this project has now been put to one side, will you help us revitalise it?


Body Aluminium honeycomb monocoque
Brakes Custom cast iron discs
Suspension Front and rear a-arm, push rod actuated
Tyres Hoosier C2000 R25B
Wheels 3 piece, Keizer rims and centres
Motors 2 x LEM 200 - D95M
- Peak Power 28.5KW
- Peak Current 400A
- Rated torque 30Nm
- Rated Speed 6000rpm
- Rated Voltage 72V
- Peak Efficiency 92%
Controllers 2 x Sigmadrive PMT835M 72-80V controllers
HV Power Source 6 x 12V, 7Ah, Lead acid HV test battery
LV Power Source 12, 7Ah Lithium Polymer LV power source (control and switches)

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